We want you to read about the good things that Progressive Emu customers have to say about our products. Here are just a few.

* Disclaimer: Although these testimonials are true. Results may vary from person to person.


Indianapolis, INFrank W.*

I just received my first order from Pro-Emu today. It was immediately obvious that the product was of a much higher quality than my previous supplier. I will be purchasing all my emu oil from you in the future.

Flagstaff, AZMisty*

I have recently begun using your fantastic emu oil face cream called "Hydramaius Anti Wrinkle Serum". This product works so well that it makes those little wrinkles around my eyes and mouth disappear. This product also is making my sun spots go away. I am so excited about your Hydromaius emu oil product that I had to write and tell you about it. I also love the fact that it has no smell whatsoever. Keep up the good work and you have a new customer for life.

Brentwood, CAJ. Stafford*

Good product! Other Emu Oil brands I have purchased have had a rancid smell where Pro Emu's Emu oil was virtually odorless.

Atlanta, GASusannah *

Hello! I am writing about one of your many products.. Your “Glucosamine (Emu) Cream” is the Best, the Very Best thing that has ever helped me!!!
I apply the cream once soft and then a little harder and within minutes --- & I MEAN MINUTES---I FEEL NOTHING!!! This can last for the remainder of the day!!! Not always but most days!! I would just like to thank you anyone who had something to do with this, in the biggest I promise you that this stuff works, almost right away!!! Thank Thank Thank You!!!

Birmingham, ALSue*

Dear Pro Emu, Thanks to you and Ume’ I wont be running out of the Ume’ Serum. Since I began using this marvelous concoction, I can hardly believe how supple and soft it leaves my skin; and I can assure you that you have not only a satisified but a loyal customer as well. Thank goodness for Progressive Emu! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! May your company have continued success and blessings.

Miami, FLDaniella Adams, L.P.N., M.A.*

As both a nurse and the wife of a physician. I operated a dermatology practice within the Family Practice. Many people came to me with their various skin complaints
looking for treatments or products. We Introduced Emu oil as an alternative to many other products that were very harsh to Use around the eyes. Patients found Emu oil to
be gentle but very effective at reducing the fine lines that appear around the eyes when used consistently. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a solution for their eyes but hesitate to use prescription or other products that contain harsher ingredients.

St. Louis, MOJulie Thomas*

I personally use Emu Oil every day and absolutely love the results. This product does not clog my pores and it makes my skin very soft. With using the Emu Oil I have noticed a significant decrease in the depth of my wrinkles. This was my ultimate goal and I can actually see what is currently taking place.
Thank You.

Chandler, AZTerry Tiedeman*

Love your products. I'm a 57 year old man and your oil works like magic. Thank You!

Raleigh, NCApril Olsen*

I love the emu oil, everything that was said about it is true. It has relieved the puffiness under my eyes, and I have to say, I think I look younger since I have used
it, in just one week I have not seen such results in such a short time from any product, as with the emu oil.

Western Springs, ILPaula Lesniewski*

I received my emu oil last week, and promptly began using it. My skin glows and feels great. I don't know if my fine lines have diminished. but it does give the illusion of
such. After toweling dying my hair, I pulled through a drop of the emu oil. My curls have never looked better!! Many thanks for a fine product.

Danville, CAVictoria Moore*

Thank you for all your help, I love the products that your company sells. We have had great success in using those products on our clients. Your customer service is the best that I have seen in a long time. I can see that we will be doing lots of business with you and your company. Thanks.

Rockford, MINancy Jonker*

That EMU stuff is superb! I rubbed in on my sore arm.. and really helped ... Thanks much again..!

Castro Valley, CAMarsha Season*

By the way I love your product! I love your oil! Thanks

Oakland, CASally Franks*

I've been using your emu oil for just a short time and I love it. My skin feels much much softer and smoother. You've probably heard that a lot. However, my dog had some kind of bite that she was scratching fiercely. Her skin was extremely red and inflamed. I was using a topical cortisone. It only helped a little, and for just a short time. Then it dawned on me - why not try the emu oil?!? I put it on her before bed and she slept through he night. I was figuring It would take at least 3 days. The next morning I wanted to check and put some more on her. When she saw the blue bottle, instead of running away and resisting she was happy I was putting some more on. She even wanted to lick it off my hand. And I couldn't belief how much her skin cleared up. .. almost completely from just one application. Thanks so much for such a great product ... for me and my dog!


New York, NYVogue Magazine*

A beauty phenomenon, may actually stimulate cell rejuvenation.

New York, NYHarpers Bazaar *

Emu oil has been shown to re-balance the skin’s composition, giving it a more youthful, healthier appearance.