Muscle & Joint

Our muscle and joint creams are all natural. Specially formulated with Emu Oil for deep penetration. By combining Emu Oil with unique botanicals for inflammation, and building blocks for joints and cartilage, Pro Emu helps with the everday aches and pains we all experience without using oral medications.

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Progressive Emu Muscle and Joint Cream provides quick topical relief from inflamed joints and sore muscles caused by overwork, daily activity and injury. Unlike oral pain
relievers, our topical Muscle and Joint cream does not pass through the gastrointestinal tract, therefore avoiding any undesirable side effects such as stomach discomfort. Due to the unique properties of emu oil, our Muscle and Joint cream penetrates the skin without resistance bringing relief to the source of the problem. Our Muscle and Joint Cream is fortified with 100% Emu Oil plus MSM, Glucosamine and specially selected herbs and enzymes acting to reduce inflammation naturally. Simply use as needed, Pro Emu Muscle and Joint Cream penetrates the skin quickly with no greasy residue and the user can feel relief in as little as 15 mins.
The cream is oderless, non-greasy and causes no hot or cold sensations.

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